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Four weeks of Virtual Rehab

Have you already gone through Detox?  Do your life circumstances make it impossible to attend an in-person rehab program? Do you want to stop being a slave to your unconscious drives?
Engage in our intensive online interventions for 1 month of  your recovery journey. The program begins with self, couple and family assessment processes. We often reference the trauma focussed work of  Dr. Gabor Mate because addiction is a desperate attempt to mask, silence and escape the pain of trauma. 
"Trauma is what happens inside of you as a result of what happens outside of you".
 7 Aspects of Trauma
1   Disconnection from the self and loss of our "gut" feelings. 
2  Disconnection from others. We isolate and our shame creates walls. 
3. Trauma distorts our view of the world in a negative way.
4. The wounds of trauma cause lifelong pain until addressed and healed 
5. Trauma impacts how our brain develop.
6. Trauma results in a shame-based view of the self.
7.  Makes it difficult to be in the present, because of the pain of the past is           constant.
Weekly Interventions​
  • (4-5) 1:1 sessions with a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) or Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT)
  • 5 DBT skill group sessions
  • 5 process group sessions
  • 5 Safe and Sound Protocol Sessions
  • 1 weekly check-in with a RPN
  • 1 Nutritionist consult
  • 1 exercise consult with a Personal Trainer
  • 1 family activity facilitated by a Play Therapist
  • 1 partner support session with a RP or RCT
*Additional supports can be provided to children/teen dependents as a separate contract.
Monthly Interventions
  • 3 couple sessions with a RP or RCT
  • 1 consult with Psychologist for discharge preparation
  • 3 counselling sessions with an RP or RCT post discharge
  • 1 Muse neurofeedback headband for each participant 
Does this sound like a lot? It is - this program is intensive and we also provide support (as noted above) for your partner and nuclear family members.
Recovery means getting your true self back. 
Clients need to reside in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, British Columbia or the Yukon.
* Please note that this program has a waiting list as groups are limited to 10 participants monthly.
Call today to take the next step of your healing journey. This is a private program where fees are paid prior to service delivery. A    75% refund is provided if you are unhappy with supports after 1 week into your rehab program. No refunds provided thereafter.

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