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Playing with Toy Vehicles

Play Therapy 

Play Therapy is available in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. 

What is Play Therapy?

It isn't just about the toys though children and adults like to play in our playrooms! 

According to the American Association for Play Therapy, Play Therapy is


"the systematic use of a theoretical model to establish an interpersonal


process wherein trained play therapists use the therapeutic powers of


play to help clients prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and


achieve optimal growth and development." Training helps the clinician


gain understanding about the many theoretical models that are utilized


by the trained Play Therapist. The Canadian Association for Play Therapy


believes in the value of play therapy and its contribution to an


individual’s mental, emotional, social and psychological well being.

Much research validates the efficacy of Play Therapy. Dr. Sue Bratton


(former Professor at the University of North Texas)  continues to gather


Child Therapy and Play Therapy research studies here. 

Changing Steps provides the model of Play Therapy that matches the


need of the child. Our approach is therefore, integrative and prescriptive.

This means we can provide Child Centred Play Therapy, Theraplay,


Family Play Therapy, Sandtray Therapy as well as other models. 

At Intake your therapist will discuss the concerns that need to be


addressed and share the approach that we feel will be best suited to


meet the child/youth or family where they are at. Therapist are trained


to use Play Therapy after attending training approved by Canadian


Association for Play Therapy. Our Director has taught courses on trauma


and  play therapy in Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United


States and across Canada. 




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