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NeurOptimal is Brain Training and is offered at our

Nova Scotia office with Maritime Play Therapy and our PEI office.

We also rent systems for 1 month at a time and this costs $1,000 plus HST. Renters are responsible for return fees including shipping plus insurance when you ship the system back.   

NeurOptimal® provides support for those struggling with: 

Anxiety and Depression

Insomnia/Sleep Problems

ADHD/Focus issues



Sadness/Lack of Motivation


A study was also done on NeurOptimal and children with FASD

WHAT’S INCLUDED in your monthly rental​

  • On-going support from Maritime Play Therapy/Changing Steps Family Counselling

  • All equipment is provided except earbuds and wipes

  • Professional NeurOptimal® brain training system (Surface Pro Tablet) with the latest N03 software

  • EEG Sensors and conductive paste

  • Unlimited support from NeurOptimal® tech team (ZenConnect)



One month | $1000 Subsequent Months | 

  • Lower cost per session than office visits

  • Reliable internet access 

  • Unlimited sessions available for up to 4 people programmed for you before system is shipped to you.

  • We offer discounts for multiple month rentals and to our repeat customers.  

  • If each person trains 20x/month, cost per session is roughly $12.50

Rental Agreement

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